Carnival Games

Add a special touch to your event with some new and traditional carnival games.

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5 in 1 Inflatable Carnival game

5 in 1 Inflatable carnival Game

Colours: Tossing Game

Wild Fun: Tossing Game

Tic Tac Toe: Tossing Game

Clown Toss: Tossing Game

Candy Darts: Velcro Wedge

Snake Pit Ball Driving Game

Snake pit ball game - use the wheel to steer a ball through the track

Use the steering handle to move balls from the top of the game to the bottom without going into the holes. A hard game to master but fun for everyone.

Alien Pinball

Alien pinball carnival game is a blast for younger players

Alien pinball - launch the golf ball like a pinball to land in the right location. Perfect game for little tykes.

Roller Bowler

roller bowler just like the old time carnival games you saw on the midway.

Roll the balls up the ramp so they stay in the valley above. Two lanes for two players and one of the owners favourite games to play.

Monster Blast

monster blast carnival game - shoot down the monsters on this classic game

Shoot down the monsters on this table top game with nerf darts.


ricochet table top carnival game

Ricochet the balls off the end of the table top game to score points. A simple but fun game for children.

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